The Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount Sinai And Vocational Nursing

About the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS) is known internationally for its groundbreaking clinical and basic-science research, top-tier medical education, and a philosophic stand of improving healthcare delivery. The school, located in New York City’s Upper East Side, is embedded in a vibrant biomedical research community, making it a leading light in medical education.

Founded in 1963, ISMMS was designed as a unique model of healthcare education that has grown to include a multifaceted range of teaching and learning experiences. With a pressing commitment towards shaping a better future of healthcare, it has pioneered innovations that have made a profound impact on the medical community worldwide.

Vocational Nursing at the Icahn School of Medicine

Although ISMMS is renowned for its advanced academic programs in various medical branches, the institution still values practical and vocational courses. This prioritization is reflected in the school’s array of available vocational nursing programs. One program that stands out is the ‘licensed vocational nurse course’.

The ‘licensed vocational nurse course’ is a rigorous program designed to equip students with the necessary skills to provide patient care in a myriad of contexts. It fills an essential role within the healthcare system, serving as a vital connection between registered nurses, medical practitioners, and patients.

Course Structure and Content

The ‘licensed vocational nurse course’ program at ISMMS comprises lessons in pharmacology, surgical nursing, pediatric nursing and geriatric nursing. The curriculum also includes components of community health and leadership skills, designed to produce well-rounded practitioners. Furthermore, the program prepares students for effective patient communication, collaboration with medical teams, and application of ethical and legal principles in their practice.

Application and Admissions Process

Admission to the ‘licensed vocational nurse course’ at ISMMS is competitive and demands a strong academic background. Applicants should also exhibit strong interest and potential in nursing, supported by relevant professional or voluntary experiences. In addition to academic transcripts, reference letters, personal statement, and potentially an interview are part of the selection process.

Future Pathways

Graduates of the ‘licensed vocational nurse course’ at ISMMS are highly sought after, demonstrating the course’s success in preparing students for careers in health care. Whether choosing to work in hospitals, clinics, home healthcare, or assisted living facilities, alumni have the requisite skills to provide the highest standards of care to their patients.


Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai persistently strives to cultivate minds and refine skills to meet current and future healthcare demands. Through its ‘licensed vocational nurse course’, it is helping to fill a vital role within the healthcare community, bolstering patient care standards with every graduate it produces.