How To Avoid Being Conned

How to avoid being conned…. With so many people in the World that we speak to on the phone, get letters from or emails from, plus websites we see that we are interested in but unsure about, it is important to know how to tell the genuine from the frauds. Most days I receive at least one email from a stranger promising me that if I just do this or that, something quick and easy, I will immediately become a multi millionaire. I am amazed that anybody can fall for what to me is such an obvious lie. But people do fall for it. WHY? For one thing they are lazy and greedy and instead of going out and working hard they want an easy quick way to get the same things that hard workers get, and more. But they do not stop to think about how credible the email is.

The way to avoid being scammed is this. Firstly, do not think that there is any such thing as luck where strangers are seeking you out to make your life fantastic. Strangers are seeking to make their own lives fantastic and if they want to help others they would help their friends and family, not strangers.

Secondly, look to how logical what is being presented is. What chance is there that this person really has millions of dollars? Or that they would give it away?

One way that people get scammed quite a bit is through clairvoyant websites! They see that it is free or cheap and think they are onto a good thing. It does not occur to them that the clairvoyant has had to pay and invest time into setting up this site and getting it into the search engines so if they sat there doing free work all day it would actually cost them to do it – which is impossible. They would need to shut down and get a proper job so they can pay the bills. The other thing is that if a psychic was good they would be popular enough not to need to bribe people this way! The free reading is usually very quick and telling you what you want to hear so that you trust them when they ask you to return and spend a lot more. Or it tells you that you are cursed and must spend a great deal to remove your bad luck.

There are some genuine psychics out there who are properly qualified, fully tested, very good, and who have proved it. These are the ones you should trust. The ones with lots of experience who do it full time such as those at They are affordable but the most important thing is that the work they do is accurate. You will not go off looking forward to things that will never happen or get the wrong advice. What is the use of this even if it is free? It will only lead you to making the wrong decisions or trusting the wrong lover!

How to avoid being conned.